Tommy Holohan

Pulse Love / Heaven's Passage

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Steel City Dance Discs

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"Pulse Love / Heaven’s Passage" is the latest EP from Ireland’s Tommy Holohan and is a direct, jugular-busting exercise in classic, peak-time techno. The first two tracks build us up to a frenzy, with "Love Pulse" setting the tension and throb levels to a maximum before "Back To The Way" (featuring another rising techno producer, Kettama) sweeps in with life-affirming keys, vintage tribal hooks and a nitro-injection of heart-racing energy. Reminds me of classic Kevin Saunderson - yes it's that good!

"Red For You: Torpext" ensures side B doesn't relent. A tough, rhythmic mid-sessioner that you'd expect DJ Rush to hammer to death. Nowt but drums and squealy vox for more tribal techno with those vintage feels. "Greygoose" concludes and switches things up by opening with a southern rap styled groove which descends into phosphorescent synth work and deep subs; an interesting curveball and finish on and I guess showing the diversity of this highly skilled producer. If you've a penchant for turn of the millennium tribal techno this bad boys for you.


Matt says: Another slamming techno twelve this week confirming the re-interest in the late 90s/00s tribal techno sounds and processes. Tommy Holohan seems to be the real deal - with some solid DJ sets reinforcing his DJ Rush-inspired style.


A1. Pulse Love : Heaven’s Passage 
A2. Back 2 The Way It Was Ft. KETTAMA 
B1. Red4U : Torpex 
B2. Greygoose 

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