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Recently created Guatemalan label Identidata is extremely proud to present "Sacratávica", the very first collected survey of Joaquín Orellana’s compositions. With a career spanning over 50 years of activity across contemporary art, performance, theater and sound art, Orellana is a highly singular figure in Guatamalan culture. Often considered to be the sole avant-garde composer in the country, his work has a deeply interdisciplinary quality. Most of his music was created using an orchestra of his self-built instruments, also known as Útiles Sonoros. Sitting at the border of sculpture, sound installation and musical instrument, these Útiles Sonoros, which he’s been building and developing since the late ‘60s, are at the center of his artistic activity.


1. Híbrido A Presión
2. Ramajes De Una Marimba Imaginaria
3. Sacratávica (Las Voces De Río Negro)
4. Fantoidea

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