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Cold Blow

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Finland's DJ Lifegoals, Forehard and Larry Neverheard debut on Cold Blow with a braindance-flavoured, split four-tracker, aptly titled "Braindancing". Arguably one of the most interesting, yet humblest, labels out there, Cold Blow is at it again with a absolutely killer release that's impossible to ignore! 

The two tracks from Helsinki's clubland stalwart, DJ Lifegoals, take the baton from braindance's golden era and make it his own while paying homage to the tradition. Distorted, yet emotional, catchy yet challenging. On the flipside Inceptum founder Forehard (aka Ruusuvuori) partners up with the enigmatic Larry Neverheard for a mystifying, intricate, but (brain)dancefloor-ready double bill. If you've been digging the anthemic side of RX-101, James Stinson's Another People Place alias and the cybernetics of Metroplex then this bad boys for you! 


Matt says: Brilliantly under-the-radar release which touches upon Drexciyan aqua-funk, anthemic industrial blast furnaces, squelchy acid braindance and dark electro. Top drawer machine music from DJ Lifegoals.


A1. DJ Lifegoals: Brown
A2. DJ Lifegoals: November Grain
B1. Forehard & Larry Neverheard: Gary49
B2. Forehard & Larry Neverheard: Pickelhaube

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