Woody Mcbride

Basketball Heroes

Image of Woody Mcbride - Basketball Heroes
Record Label
Communique Records

About this item

Communique Records USA re-issues probably the most known release from the entire label catalogue.

Woody McBride's "Basketball Heroes" from 1996 on the re-bound - 180g vinyl, recorded from original DAT and re-mastered!

"Dr J" is an brilliant example of mid 90s acid techno, with a straight, to-the-floor 909 and 303 pattern working in perfect harmony and rhythm. "The Birdman" takes on a darker, more sinister lead with squawking 303s, slamming beats and rampant handclaps that shares a lot in common with Dave Angel's Sound Enforcer alias. "Darrin Houston" concludes with a mesmerizing, face-melting slice of acid narcosis that'll see even the hardiest of rave gremlins struggling to comprehend their inner desires. Big one from the golden days of techno! Don’t sleep!


A1. Dr J
B1. The Birdman
B2. Darrin Houston

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