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Killer new EP from Jimpster entitled "Tribute". Featuring South African vocalist Mavhungu and two remixes from Yoruba maestro Osunlade, the release shows Jamie Odell in fine form fusing deep, afro and soulful house on the lead track and rubber-bassline bouncing jazz and acid lurking on the B2.

Leading the EP, "Tribute" is a track inspired by Jamie’s trips to South Africa, a country hailed by many as the deep house capitol of the world. Having recently remixed a track for Foliage featuring Mavhungu it felt like a natural move to collaborate together on an original track and here she delivers a brilliant vocal celebrating the beauty of Africa in her native language Venda. Mixing up organic and electronic sounds is something Jimpster has always done to great effect, ensuring there is a looseness and bounce to the groove with contemporary sonic textures blending with classic Rhodes pads and analogue synth lines.

Who better to draft in for a remix than the Yoruba Soul maestro himself, Osunlade. The producer and DJ, whose music has been consistantly knocking our socks off since first hearing his debut LP "Paradigms" in 2001, stays true to his roots on two versions of "Tribute". The first goes heavier on the vocal, keeping the instrumentation and groove more stripped back leaving plenty of space for subtle Rhodes chords and synth flourishes to shine. His 'Jazzstrumental' version switches up the groove and pushes a repeating Rhodes riff and chords to the fore, making for a rolling remix which will warm the dancefloor with its soulful vibe.

Closing out the EP we have another original track in the form of "Jacidswing". With the clue in the title, this little gem sees Jimpster fusing a bubbling 303 bassline with swinging jazzy drums and washes of synthy ambience to form something deep, immersive and slow burning in the way he does so well.


A1. Tribute Ft. Mavhungu
A2. Tribute Ft. Mavhungu (Yoruba Soul Club Mix)
AA1. Tribute Ft. Mavhungu (Yoruba Soul Jazzstrumental)
AA2. Jacidswing 

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