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Tropical Love

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CWPT are pleased to deliver four tracks of intoxicating after-hours dance music from Italian duo, Voodoos & Taboos. Self-releasing a number of vinyl-only releases before debuting in 2021 on Phonica AM, a new sub label of the legendary London record store, ‘Tropical Love’ refines the V&T sound further still into physicality and sensuality alike.

DJs with a taste for sunrise and beyond are truly spoiled for choice by Voodoos & Taboos, with each track bottling a different level of rave energy. ‘XTC’ is built around perhaps their most outlandish riff to date, alongside heavy-duty drums and cut-and-paste vocal samples reverent to an early, optimistic era of machine party music. Its A-side sister and title track, ‘Tropical Love’ is wide-eyed and warm, spring-loaded with true tech-house chords and frequent plunges into fresh pools of bass.

On the flip, ‘Warped’ strips the elements back further still, rolling with confidence on acid-flecked modulations and primitive piano, building towards a smooth launch into innerspace. Finally, ‘LSDREAMS’ delivers a lucid and deeply psychedelic send-off, as V&T lower the tempo to showcase the more organic side of their nocturnal inclinations.

Another fine addition to the steadily expanding back catalogue of Palms Trax’s label, ‘Tropical Love’ is a refreshing turn for those with no intention of calling it a night; heads music with real heart.


Matt says: Taking you back to that proggy free party sound of the 90s, albeit reinforced and galvanized for modern systems, Voodoos & Taboos bring the spirit of hedonism to CWPT for four tracks of laser-guided, day-glo dance music. TIP!


A2. Tropical Love
B1. Warped Voodoo

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