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Dan Shake, Kaidi Tatham, Jamie 3:26 & Sam Ruffillo & Kapote take turns Toy Tonics! Cody Currie released his debut album on the Berlin label last year and now here are the remixes. Pure dancefloor joy is guaranteed on side A as Dan Shake and Sam Ruffillo & Kapote turn out killer house-flavoured tweaks of “Cash”. Both rich with party flavour and utilizing that smasher of a b-line wonderful.

On side B, Kaidi Tathum gets suitably smooth as the broken beats star emphasizes the skilled instrumentation, mellowing it out for a sweaty mid-afternoon jam with buckets of soul of a funk stitched through its stems. Jamie 326 then concludes, return to a housey flavour with organic instrumentation and deep, laid back vibe. Side B firmly aimed at that part of the day when you shake off your worries in a golden glow.


Matt says: As ever the Toy Tonic camp come correct. An all star squad of producers taking turns on new talent, Cody Currie and the result is a killer collection of party-centric house with a flaming hot broken beat number from Tatham thrown in to boot.


A1) Cash (Dan Shake Remix)
A2) Cash (Sam Ruffillo & Kapote Remix)
B1) Money (Kaidi Tatham Remix Extended Version)
B2) Money (Jamie 3:26 Remix)

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