Bosco Bosco / Bosca Bosca

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The Night Land Records

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Following on from the 2019 release: “Discodrums”, The Night Land return with Axel Boman and John Talabot together as - Talaboman!

Again with nice screen-printed sleeves (made in Manchester by DR.ME no less!) the pair have released two EPs of which is this the second.

“Bosco Bosco” is deep and dubby, with a beautiful swing and all those elements from far inside the echo chamber presented in all their glory. Gotta say we’re really feelin’ this one…

“Bosca Bosca” is more celestial - with a slightly baggy breakbeat gently elevating us star-wards as a plethora of lysergic fx and cosmic synth play wrap around our consciousness. A highly psychedelic piece of cosmic house that reminds us of Carl Craig’s valiant efforts.

One of a pair - gotta check em both out - really buzzin to see John and Axel back at it. Recommended!


Matt says: Executed with a level of sonic finesse and perfection few in the dance music world can replicate. Talaboman are a true dream team of big room psychedelic electronics. The 2nd of two new 12"s and they're all breath-taking in their own unique way.


A. Bosco Bosco
B. Bosca Bosca

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