Felipe Gordon


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NeighbourSoul Rhythms

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NeighbourSoul Rhythms repress their first release from the tireless producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ: Felipe Gordon. With 'Anikulapo', he conveys the celebratory spirit of the West African Yoruba people. The guitar licks are mixed with sweeping riffs on a charming rhythmic line to provide an almost 12 minute track of pure afrobeat. On 'Oladivo', it is the anarchic percussion line that maintains the tension, broken by powerful horns, voices and bass lines. Last but not least, on 'Livinus', the bass leads and carries the predominant voice and melody along with various percussive elements that elevate the track to a higher level. Limited import copies.


A1 Anikulapo
B1 Oladipo
B2 Livinus

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