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Charly Records presents OBSERVATIONS IN TIME THE OHIO PLAYERS The definitive pre-fame / Pre-“Pain” overview of one of the world’s greatest funk bands. By the time the OHIO PLAYERS released their breakthough single “Pain” in 1971 they had been together since the late Fifties, originally as the Ohio Untouchables and as the Ohio Players since 1967. Within a few years they would hit superstardom with US #1 pop hits “Fire” and “Love Rollercoaster”. However, it was their earlier work with legendary producer Johnny Brantely, featured here, that created their unique “sound” and the foundation of their future success.

This exclusive two-disc deluxe package gathers together – for the first time – all of the Johnny Brantley productions including every track originally released on single, the complete Observations In Time album, plus later compilation-only tracks and additional unreleased recordings from the vaults. Features the bands first R&B hit “Trespassin’” and the Northern Soul anthem “Love Slips Through My Fingers”. Also features the bands wacky funked-up cover version of Allen Toussaint’s classic “Mother In Law” which paved the way for the Top 20 hit “Funky Worm”. As mentioned above The Ohio Players would tgo on to become one of the most successful soul and funk groups of the decade, they were a phenomenon. It was a success that was built on the work that was done in the late 1960s, when as a band with a new identity they forged a sound that was uniquely their own.

• One of the world’s most successful Funk bands of Seventies
• The definitive pre-superstardom collection
• First ever curated collection bringing together the complete Johnny Brantley productions
• Deluxe Packaging featuring stunning original futuristic artwork fully restored • Curated and annotated by black music historian and ‘Acid Jazz’ co-owner DEAN RUDLAND.


Disc: 1
1. Summertime
2. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
3. Mother-In-Law
4. Bad Bargain
5. The Man I Am
6. Stop Lying To Yourself
7. Over The Rainbow
8. Lonely Street
9. Street Party
10. Find Someone To Love
11. Cold, Cold World

Disc: 2
1. I've Got To Hold On
2. A Little Soul Party
3. It's A Crying Shame
4. A Thing Called Love
5. Neighbors
6. Alabama Soupbone - Parts1 & 2
7. Tell Me Why
8. I Gotta Get Away
9. You Don't Mean It
10. Love Slipped Through My Fingers
11. Trespassin'
12. Lonely Streets At Midnight

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