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Hotflush - the label founded by Scuba in 2003 - continues its celebratory 20th anniversary year. ‘Hardcore Heaven’ is a collection of six fresh Scuba takes on the classic era of hardcore. Taking influence from producers like Top Buzz, Nookie, and Foul Play, the familiar collision of hard-edged beats, euphoric breakdowns, and helium vocals gets something of a 2023 update from one of the UK’s most versatile and prolific producers.

The tracks on this collection will appear ONLY on this release - a Neon splatter-look, 500-unit press vinyl special with no streaming platforms, no represses, and definitely no Youtube rips.

OK, there will probably be Youtube rips but the label will do their best to get them taken down!


Matt says: Scuba follows suit with Zomby and DJ Absolutely Shit and delivers an EP of regalvanized retrograde hardcore breakbeat. Set in day-glo flourescent green vinyl, and sounding like you're bazzing around Rochdale in a souped up Vauxhall - it does a pretty thorough job of taking you back to that renegade epoch.


A1. Mr Anderson
A2. Nowot
A3. MyLuv
B1. Zap
B2. Yesterday
B3. EveryBCT

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