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Salford City Records

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Before Nick Hussey & Julie McDermott released "Don't Go" under the Awesome 3 alias, they released a few records under the E-Motion monikor. "Release Yourself" was only ever released as a white label, on the label Rhythm Of Life in 1992. Here Salford City Records have licensed that killer, rousing original alongside "Never Give You Up", also released in 1992, and two other lesser known tracks from the duo. 

"Release Yourself" has to be up there in the top piano house tracks ever made. With a shirt-lifting chord progression, sugar rushing vox by Julie and just the right about of fairground energy (there's even a nod to Two Bad Mice's "Bombscare" in the breakdown!) it captures that high octane, endorphin rushing energy of the era perfectly. "Never Give You Up" is just as evocative - a sweet vocal part pairing perfectly with acid lines, strings and perc heavy beats. They don't make em like this anymore unfortunately!

On the flip "Your Mind" continues with the unrelenting euphoria of "Your Mind" which samples a well known disco vocal hook; plus a version of "Touch Me", released in '91 which is monstrously huge! 

Taking you right back to the waltzers and night clubs of northern England circa '92 - Salford City Records have scored an absolute doozy here - do not sleep! 


Matt says: Ya gotta give it Salford City Records - I don't think anyone has done the official repress thing of this era of music as well as them. This one's a particular coup - an early Nick Hussey (of Awesome 3 fame) joint that'd rock nightclubs of the North West. The whole series has been absolutely golden.


Release Yourself
Never Give You Up
Your Mind
Touch Me 91 (Piano Mix)

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