Paradise Seeds

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Funclab Records

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HOLLYSPLEEF is an Italian electronic music producer, shaping his way through the early 21st Century. He spends his late evenings and early mornings making live recordings with a bunch of analog gear from his hidden studio on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. On one end pulling from R&B, house and dub / reggae, and on the other richly layered ambient and future-jazz. He creates sonically smooth music that rises and recedes like the tide, fitting for the next great surf film soundtrack or a packed club at 2am. Maintaining a steady hold on timeless dance music when he's up in the DJ booth playing the hits and the new classics, HOLLYSPLEEF is a soulful artist whose styles bend time and space with particular groove.

“Paradise Seeds” is about roads, roots, paths and emotions, the ones you’re not used to feeling everyday. But most importantly it is about change, about the inner force one discovers when forced to transform. After finding out he had to move out his beloved Resonance Jungle Studio, Hollyspleef decided he had to make one last album before the big move. Exploring his inner self through R&B, jazz, trip-hop, footwork and trap he delivers yet another gem of a record. A multidimensional and ambitious record that’s perfect for 2023. Recommended! 


A1. Space W
A2. Twist (feat. Arya)
A3. Primavera
A4. Cautious (feat. Sianybby)
A5. G4laxy Shake (crispy Cbd)
A6. Ca$hm3re
A7. Joel (ft. Loren)
B1. !nfinity Lo°0o°0o°p
B2. Explosion Mirror
B3. H:d
B4. Meteora (ft. Godblesscomputers)
B5. Flashb4ck
B6. Yïįn Young
B7. R(e)d

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