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The Last Remaining Light

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Following ‘Ways To Get Out’-sophomore album ‘The Last Remaining Light’ isn’t a follow up record but more so a departure into a different feel to his previous material. Joel’s influences for the new record lean heavily towards the late 90’s/2000’s alternative scene with references to Autolux’s doubled guitars and expressive drumming, Sparklehorse mixed with The Radio Dept. vocal style and ‘Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind’ styled electronic elements.

Written and recorded in another makeshift studio in the basement of his record label’s office building the album lyrics depicts Joel’s reflection on being thrust back into a post-covid world where everything clicks back into repetitive patterns from day-to-day and how trying to find purpose within the modern world feels like an isolating and pressurised process.

Rather than being introspective the stories within the songs reflect the people he saw day after day on his way to the studio, and how he imagined and empathised about the same challenges for others occupied behind their daily patterns of rinse and repeat. The result is a multi-layered record with moments of enlightened reflection in equal measure to inspection of the darker moments that ultimately come part and parcel with navigating life.


1. Commuter Repeating
2. The Last Remaining Light
3. Arbitrary Task
4. Choice
5. Answer
1. First Warning Shot
2. Own
3. Pet Architect
4. Cyril
5. Pool

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