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What's Life (Idjut Boys Remixes)

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Innovative Leisure

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The Idjut Boys come correct for LA duo De Lux. Two mixes of spacious
cosmic dub disco as only they can deliver - ltd to 300 worldwide.

Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell return, as wonky as ever, to remix hot LA duo De Lux. Two mixes of "What's Life" which sees them work the space echo and spring reverb like only they can! Constantly riding a cresendo which never seems to break, full of their trademark cowbells and big splashy drums; this is a quintessential Idjuts outing, and I can think of no better source material for their inspired live dub. Recommended!  


Matt says: Hot hyped stuff courtesy of Idjut Boys who've managed to score a remix off the new De Lux LP (also out this week). Done in their typically Droided, dubbed out, echo-laden style it finds them in solid form; and with De Lux being possibly the coolest band of the month - this is certain to blow up.


1. What's Life (Idjut Boys Dub Remix)
2. What's Life (Original)
3. What's Life (Idjut Boys Seven Slackers Remix)

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