Lorenzo Morresi & Le Isole

Pop Flop

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Space Echo

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Library music for new generation! This project is an eclectic and experimental blend of world music, Italian jazz-funk and dance music - A musical encounter and exchange between Lorenzo and Luciano Cantone (The Invisible Session) as Le Isole. In March 2022 Lorenzo and Luciano started pre-producing “Pop Flop” at Schema Records headquarters in Milan. Part of the album has also been produced at Museo Del Synth Marchigiano & Italiano, an incredible collection of rare Italian vintage synthesizers located in Le Marche region where Lorenzo was born. Lorenzo’s musical work is based on constant research for new sounds and combinations of genres - an organic union between technology and analogue sounds with a collaborative approach with musicians from different backgrounds and countries, inspired by sounds from planet Earth....
”Pop Flop” has a warm, cinematic and philological feel; well balanced between tradition and innovation, fusing elements of funk, classical, acid jazz, afrobeat, trip hop - to name a few - and all whilst paying homage to those fantastic years of Italian library music traditions.

The song titles sound like we’ve been transported back to 1972 in a time machine: “Odeon," "Slalom," "Savana Urbana", "Beta Erotica”, “Allegro Funerario," "Rio De Janeiro Filter," and so on. It’s as authentic, sincere and musical as anything that’s predated it, a truly great addition to the vaults and a brilliant standalone jazz / funk LP in its own right. Recommended!


A1. Slalom
A2. Odeon
A3. Rio De Janeiro Filter
A4. Savana Urbana
A5. Beta Erotica

B1. Pop Flop
B2. Allegro Funerario
B3. Sulla Strada Della Luna
B4. Post Presente
B5. Track ID

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