Laurent Garnier

33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont

Image of Laurent Garnier - 33 Tours Et Puis S'en VontImage of Laurent Garnier - 33 Tours Et Puis S'en VontImage of Laurent Garnier - 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont
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On ‘33 Tours Et Puis S’en Vont’, Laurent Garnier’s first solo LP in 8 years and his most dancefloor-oriented yet, a total mastery of house, techno, and beyond, is on full display. Club-leaning cuts from ‘Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron’ through to ‘Granulator Bordelum’ all distil his years of warehouse, club, and festival experience into thrilling expressions of musical tension and release.

Vocal-led tracks tastefully borrow from a range of genre influences; from the hip-hop inflected ‘In Your Phase’ with 22Carbone, an incendiary number that will be firmly burnt into the memory of any attendee of Garnier’s recent DJ sets, to the punk of ‘Saturn Drive Triplex’, which features vocals from the late Alan Vega, of influential duo Suicide notoriety. Elsewhere, sprinklings of broken rhythms appear in the leftfield downtempo cut ‘…et puis s’en Va!’ and drum & bass experiment ‘Sado Miso’, offering listeners a further view into his wide-ranging taste. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him - but boy is it nice to have the man with the red face back amongst us! 


3x12" Tracklisting
A1. Tales From The Real World (version Instrumentale)
A2. Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron
B1. Reviens La Nuit (DJ Edit)
B2. On The REcorD (part 3)
C1. Saturn Drive Duplex [Feat. Alan Vega]
C2. Closer To You [Feat. Scan X]
D1. Sake Stars Fever
D2. Cinq O Clock In Le Matin
E1. In Your Phase [Feat. 22Carbone]
E2. Give Me Some Sulfites
F1. Au Clair De Ta Lune
F2. Granulator Bordelum
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7" Tracklisting

A. In Your Phase (Feat. 22Carbone) 22Carbone Remix
B. Saturn Drive Triplex (Feat. Alan Vega) Liminanas Remix

C90 Mixtape (Includes How D’ya Like Your Beef, Crispy Bacon Remix)

01. Tales From The Real World [Feat. Alan Watts] (vocal Version)
02. Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron
03. In Your Phase [Feat. 22Carbone]
04. Reviens La Nuit (original Mix)
05. Saturn Drive Triplex [Feat. Alan Vega]
06. Sado Miso
07. Au Clair De Ta Lune
08. Sake Stars Fever
09. Multiple Tributes (to Multiple People, For Multiple Reasons)
10. …et Puis S’en Va!

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