Atom In Hand

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More singular, otherworldly, outsider house music from the Dresvn studios. There’s few producers with such an iconic take on leftfield sounds.

Across the new EP (tracks left untitled) we get stuttered, gated bass, a plethora of his unique and strange rhythm boxes (which go a long way to colouring the typical SUED sound…) and ethereal melodies from enchanted gardens and forgotten forests. Almost harnessing the power of nature through electronic devices, there’s a shamanic quality to all of Dresvn’s music - ritualistic and transportive. Perfect for backrooms, after hours or all night mushrooms parties - it’s another hit from the Sued stables and unlikely to hang around long. TIP! 


Matt says: Always got time for Dresvn! Pretty much he invented what we like to call rainforest house music. The Sued label's always been home to his more mellifluous productions - evident here across six gorgeous tracks. Enter his world as you won't be sorry!


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