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Feral Child

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Following the quickfire sell outs of the recent trio of ace Studio Kosmische LPs, Feral Child return with a new LP; again heavy on krautrock leanings but more channeled towards the driving, motorik aspect than SK’s more tranquil Cluster and Harmonia inspired ambience, as the more eagle eyed may have spotted from the title alone…?!

“Ding*r” is the debut full length from Blauer Montag, featuring former founding member Hair & Skin Trading Company, Richard Montag- who recorded the album over a number of years (some material here dates to 2007) and locations; mainly Govan in Glasgow, Rutherglen and Lochailort in Scotland and Swedish Lapland with location recordings in the Isle of Arran and the Swedish Arctic. Borrowed sound clips hark back to now defunct eras of UK & German culture such as militant anarchist revolution and the German Democratic Republic (DDR).

Montag wrote, arranged and mixed the album and even built some of the synths, guitars and equipment used. The album features guests such as longterm friend Kath Gifford (who Richard has known from his H&STC days, whilst Kath played with the likes of Stereolab and Snowpony) who provided vocals / lyrics for “Mirtazapine Drift” (originally written by Montag after being prescribed the drug for chronic insomnia) and Gareth McNicol (fellow bandmate of the sometimes active, Hearing Voices Movement) provided additional guitars.

Professor Jono Podmore who is a collaborator with Can (supervising their most recent remastering) and co-collaborator with Irmin Schmidt (Kumo) provided mastering and whisky sampling.

These days Richard is also a mental health Nurse and Psychological Therapist in Glasgow, Scotland, and the album is “bookended by Montag’s favourite Swedish toddler”.

The record is a beauty, each copy includes a signed and numbered print.


Barry says: Yet another superb outing for the wonderful Feral Child imprint, following on from Dom Keen's brilliant Studio Kosmische trio. We're in familiar territory here, but everything is done with such skill and with a new take on ambient Krautrock. Deep synths and crisp percussion form into another deeply satisfying and enjoyable whole. I've said it before, and i'll say it again, buy EVERYTHING Feral Child / PY / Deep Distance on sight.

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