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Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Lindsay Olsen is the brilliant mind behind the warped and magical project Salami Rose Joe Louis. New album “Akousmatikous” is packed with experimental pop, abstract beats and bedroom R&B/jazz songs connected by a dystopian sci-fi narrative. It features collaborations with Brijean (Ghostly International) and Soccer96 (The Comet is Coming’s Danalogue x Betamax) plus Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Juuwah, Sergio Machado Plim, Jason Lindner, Dakim and Dan Nicholls also contribute.


1. Akousmatikous (feat. Soccer96)
2. Dimensional Collapse
3. Always On My Mind
4. Fireflies
5. Dimcola Reprise
6. Propaganda (feat. Brijean)
7. Zee Complex
8. The Giddy Aquatic
9. Sugar Coating
10. Proof Is In The Pudding
11. Cathartic Interlude
12. Pushing Me
13. Gradients
14. Losing Steam
15. Zaza Flip
16. Exhaustion And The Open Mind

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