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A further exercise in musical curation, "Child Of Nature" is the latest sonic confluence of self-released tracks from the loners, hippies and outsiders of the 70s and early 80s, sought out by the intrepid Foragers. A collection of privately pressed music, able to breathe and be created free from the constraints of heavy handed commercialism, yielding a pure vision of artistic expression. "Child Of Nature" features ten songs of brooding soft rock and psychedelic folk steeped in melancholia. Some ache for better times or past lovers, while others seek spiritual fulfilment or social progress.

A compilation to evoke the raw and unobstructed, to summon the occult, to fundamentally conjure a vivid portrait of our untamed natural environment. Recorded on the north coast of California, Luellen Reese’s ethereal “Silvery Waterfalls” drifts and swirls with electric guitar as her unearthly vocals transcend across a seven minute opus, fit for the golden age of labels like 4AD or Dedicated. 'The flowers are dancing just for you …', Reggie Russell croons over glistening Key Of Creek’s title track “Child Of Nature”, evoking a utopian world of natural harmony free from the present day realities of industrial decay.

Tap into your inner primal being, to embrace wholeheartedly, with frivolity and without reserve, your own child of nature.


Is This What You Like - Terra
The Tribe - The Fred Bloggs Band
Morning Light - Smythe And Rucker
Zig Zag - David Chalmers
High Again - Shades Of Rayne
Animal Talk - Dana Alberts
Child Of Nature - The Key Of Creek
Child Of Earth - Chuck Robinson
Silvery Waterfalls - Luellen Reese
The Lost Road - Doria

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