Funky Boogie

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45 Loves

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Moar's 45 Loves series continues with another dose of double disco delights. On side A he applies his hip-hop chops and sensibilities to Glenn Jones' "I Am Somebody", giving it a sense of urgency and freshness we might not be accustomed to. Side B sees Light Of The World's ode to the capitol from 1980, "London Town" sped up slightly, but retaining much of the original's silk and smoothness. You know the drill by now - essential twists on bar room classics for your hard working vinyl disc jock! 


Matt says: Moar's 'fresh n tasty edits on 7" for the working bar DJ' label - 45 Loves continues in earnest. Rather than concentrate on rare and illusive source material he opts to choose classic tracks and give them inventive touch-ups / rub-downs - offering up new twists on classic sounds. It works!


A. L

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