Bass Go Boom

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Hot Creations

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Joshwa adds to Hot Creations' never-ending purple patch with his label debut, a two track EP entitled "Bass Go Boom". A relative newcomer, he attracted the spotlight in 2022 via a series of high-profile collaborations alongside Lee Foss, CID, and Martin Ikin. Running solo this time, we open with the sub-tickling peaktime house of "Bass Go Boom". Loaded with cheeky vocal snips, busy rhythm section and warbling synth stabs it's never the less that phat, gliding, almost-Reece b-line that'll drag you hurtling into the dance.

"Supersonic" is just as energized and frenetic, a typically grooving tech-house beat supplementing more skilled vocal chops and another precision b-line that'll please and lover of the lower frequency bands. Add to all this a hilarious spoken word passage about a guy walking into a record shop and trying to work out the tune that goes: 'bass ... bass ... bass' and you've got one of those cheeky mid sessioners that hook the crowd with its quirkiness before demolishing them with its beat and bassline. 


Matt says: Another week another super duper tech-house bubbler from the Hot Creations crew. On board this week is Joshwa who melds both humorous and incompressible vocal utterances into fun-loving, party-fuelling tech-house power trax.


A. Bass Go Boom 
B. Supersonic 

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