Meiko Kaji

Hajiki Uta

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The album has the original artwork and new liner notes by Hashim Kotaro Bharoocha who has interviewed Meiko for the occasion. It features "Urami Bushi" the theme song for the Female Prisoner Scorpion series which was used in Kill Bill Vol 2 and also "Onna No Jumon" the theme song for the film "Female Prisoner Scorpion - Jailhouse 41 which had been composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi who also composed the score for these films. The rest of the album follows the same pattern with atmospheric songs such as "Onna Hagure Uta" or "Onna Somuki Uta" displaying Meiko's sombre singing over a superb slow-burning groove, which precedes the funkier "Hitori Kaze" featuring a wah wah guitar, a breakbeat-like rhythm section and slick string arrangement, shaping the unique Meiko Kaji signature sound.


1. Urami Bushi
2. Kanashiku Naikara Fushiawase
3. Nigori Onna
4. Betuni Doutte Koto Demo Naishi
5. Onna No Jumon
6. Hitori Kaze
7. Onna Hagure Uta
8. Onna Kawaki Uta
9. Hizumi Moe
10. Onna Somuki Uta
11. Wara No Ue
12. Meikono Futebushi

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