Royal Wavetable Mellodies & Old TDKs

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Brainwaltzera returns to FILM with a brace of archive recordings in the artist's characteristically idiosyncratic style.

The collection opens with “FMsquared [royal wavetable mellodies A]”, a mesmerizing beatless composition split across two contrasting movements. Synth-focused, the first explores a more introspective tone whilst the second is decidedly more elevated and playful. Follow up “good endgar” showcases the artist's enviable talent for crafting rolling, wide-open IDM, marrying crisp drum machine hits with washed out pads and a resonant bassline. “WSsquared [royal wavetable mellodies B]” follows the same pattern as “mellodies A”, split once again into two movements. This time each movement is markedly more distinct: the first, an atmospheric, half-time dirge and the second a more uplifting and esoteric workout, with crystalline FX breaking up the composition. On “LANsqape4 [short_oneTake]” Brainwaltzera lets the drums roll out, underpinning more lush synth work with a hint of a break closing in as the piece subsides near its close. “Copperfeel”, the penultimate offering, is the most reduced work in the collection with a single main melody doing the bulk of the legwork, and buoyed by vocal-sounding synths. “FMsquared [epiloggy] [beauvine bonus perc version]” closes the collection, a pleasing bookend that sees the riff from the opening track's latter movement return - now underpinned with rolling drums. Excellent stuff indeed from this now household name of the electronica movement. 


Matt says: Modern braindance / electronica legend Brainwaltzera delves into some archive ambience and tape experiments which are deliciously satisfying and transcendental. Skitty AFX-style beats, FM & wavetable synthesis - there's plenty for the mainframe geeks out there; but but if your penchant is getting horizontal and psychedelicized, then this release should have you rocketing toward peak experience in no time.


A1. FMsquared [royal Wavetable Mellodies A]
A2. Copperfeel
A3. WSsquared [royal Wavetable Mellodies B]
B1. Good Endgar
B2. FMsquared [epiloggy] [beauvine Bonus Perc Version]
B3. LANsqape4 [short_oneTake]

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