Shinichiro Yokota

Tokonoma Style

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Far East Recordings

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Shinichiro Yokota's album "Tokonoma Style" finally arrives as a tasty double LP on Soichi Terada's Far East Recordings.

Over a diverse set of songs, the veteran Tokyo producer makes full use of his collection of vintage synthesizers such as Akai's S1100 sampler, the Korg M1 and the Prophet-5 (his trusted machines that hes used since the early 90s).

The result is an LP of clear, crystalline, pure, sincere and evocative house music. Like its emerged out of an organic garden, with clean drum hits, high fidelity signal processing and beautifully delicate mixing. Yokota and Terada are masters of this formula, but "Tokonoma Style" really sees it refined into a living and breathing species. 


Matt says: Few can replicate the honest, clear-signal compositions that Japanese producers Shinichiro Yokota and Soichi Terada have achieved. Shunning the grit of Chicago for a high definition approach - their brand of house music is uniquely their own. This new album sees house, new disco, downbeat and even a smattering of Balearic (should that be Pacific) moods explored with aplomb. It's an absolute joy on the ears!


Retro Graffiti
Interested In It
Tokyo Traffic Paradise
Timelaps (Album Version)
Asian Monsoon
Tokonoma Funk
Accelerators (Album Version)
Space Station (Instrumental)
Detectors (Album Version)

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