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Steel City Dance Discs Volume 34

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Steel City Dance Discs

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The Brisbane beasts resurface for their 2nd EP on the label, wreaking havoc with a 4-track attack of pumping, straight-to-the-face rhythms which incorporate classic hard house tropes alongside modern, speaker-busting engineering to create a melee of techno goodness that you imagine DJs like VTSS, Shacke, Ben Sims and such like are getting plenty of road miles out of at the moment.

There's no let-up in intensity throughout the four tracks, although final track "Only If U" does let us settle into a half-time breakbeat if we've pushed it too hard the previous three tracks... This is strictly for the headstrong, die hard ravers out there! 


Matt says: Gut-wrenching, wreckin' ball techno from the hottest camp in the UK right now. Really feelin' the hard house tropes injected into this one!


A1. Say No More 
A2. These Streets Look Dangerous 
B1. Hide The Junk
B2. Only If U Ft. Pretty Girl 

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