Midnight Runners

I Like Funky / Kuda Arabs

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Born To Shine

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2 sick Indo-disco underground edits from Indonesian disco lord Midnight runners. Source material completely unknown but utterly infectious. Both are spewing over with funk and frivolities as we journey through one 4/4 disco number with beautiful female vox and another, breakbeat psyche-funk-rock jam with squelchy keyboards and fuzzed up guitars. If you dig the jams Andy Votel and the Finders Keepers mob have excavated through the years, then this one's for you no doubt.


Matt says: "Kuda Arabs" is a rousing, fiery slice of infectious Indo-disco. Meanwhile "I Like Funky" sounds like Steve Winwood and Hendrix jamming in the palm trees. Top stuff indeed and well under the radar of your average jock.


I Like Funky
Kuda Arabs

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