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This Vibrating Earth

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Castles In Space

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“Everything we know, from the stars and planets through to the fundamental, sub-atomic particles that make up all matter, is vibrating - oscillating at its own frequency. The known universe is a symphony. Ancient scientists and cosmologists such as Pythagoras, and later Kepler, postulated 'the music of the spheres' and they were right.

“It is theorised that at some point in the far, far distant future, we may reach a state of maximum entropy - the 'heat death' of the universe. All this movement, all this vibration, will finally stop and a great silence will descend, the song of aeons finally ended. We are cosmically fortunate to have experienced this time of the great symphony, along with all the incredible plants and animals, the very fabric of nature, that constitutes this wonderful, vibrating Earth. Cherish it. Revel in it.”
- Mark Burford, Field Lines Cartographer.

Using analogue synths & field recordings, Field Lines Cartographer creates often dark, occasionally bucolic soundscapes, described in The Wire magazine as “shimmering and unsettling” and “The sound of big, strange worlds” by Electronic Sound magazine.


Barry says: Yet another Castles In Space entry this week from the ever-brilliant Field Lines Cartographer. Beautiful washes of drifting synth and echoic chimes, soaring slo-mo melodies and lysergic drones. A texturally restrained, but infinitely rich sound palette. Absolutely essential purchase for anyone with any interest in ambient / electronica.


1. Still Canyon
2. Thawing Ice Temples
3. Rain Clouds Descending
4. Mountain Icicles
5. Sunrise Through Wires
6. Hypogeum

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