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Mr Clean

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Dynamite Cuts

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Back in the 80s I became a big funky jazzy and soulful vinyl collector. Which opened the world of the late great Mr. Weldon Johnathan Irvine music, I managed to collect all of his LPs and singles back in the day. All have a place in my heart, back in the 90s I was also lucky enough to meet him. Licensing & Compiling for a small label called Hubbub records. Mr. Irvine was such a calm and gently person who just oozed music. He sadly passed away in 2002, which was a shock. But now years later It is a great honour to be able to release some of his music from his Nodlow music label on to 7" for the first time.

"Mr Clean" is such an iconic track covered by many of the Jazz greats. Opening with Weldon's signature keyboard groove vibe with driven Bass & drums from Roland Wilson and Napoleon Revels then the top horn lines, Preston Williams. Just awesome

"Homey" feels like a street story about yo friends and ting. Laded back drums and guitar groove and its over layer keyboard vibes, wonderful.


1. Mr Clean
2. Homey

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