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You're Living All Over Me - 2023 Reissue

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Baked Goods Records

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You're Living All Over Me is the second studio album by Dinosaur Jr originally released in 1987. A refinement of the formula introduced on the band's debut album Dinosaur, You're Living All Over Me features drawling vocals paired with loud guitars and driving rhythms. The album was originally issued when the band was still known as Dinosaur, before a lawsuit forced the name change to Dinosaur Jr. NME published a rave review of You're Living All Over Me upon the album's 1987 release, with the magazine's Jack Barron declaring it "the most agape rock music to have come out of America this year" and calling the band "the missing link between Hüsker Dü and REM". Critic Robert Christgau gave the album a "B+" grade in The Village Voice and wrote, "All these growing malcontents want is a little structure and meaning in their lives. Is that so much to ask?". The album is considered a classic of indie and alternative rock. In 1995, it was ranked fifth on Alternative Press magazine's "Top 99 Albums of '85 to '95" list. In 2005, it was placed at number 31 on Spin's list of the 100 greatest albums from 1985 through to 2005. Pitchfork included You're Living All Over Me at number 40 on its 2002 list of the best albums of the 1980s.


1. Little Fury Things
2. Kracked
3. Sludgefeast
4. The Lung
5. Raisans
6. Tarpit
7. In A Jar
8. Lose
9. Poledo
10. Just Like Heaven

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