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Romeo & Juliet

Image of Ryan Adams - Romeo & JulietImage of Ryan Adams - Romeo & Juliet
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About this item

Ryan Adams’ “Romeo & Juliet” double album recorded and released in 2022. Romeo & Juliet is the second in the series of four original studio albums released by Ryan Adams in the calendar year. Romeo & Juliet follows the first in series – another double album titled “Chris”. Available for the very first time in physical format on double power purple colour vinyl.


Side A
1. Rollercoaster
2. In The Blue Of The Night
3. I Can’t Remember
4. Somethings Missing
5. Doylestown Girl
6. Romeo & Juliet
Side B
1. Anything
2. Rain In LA
3. Poor Connection
4. In The Meadow
Side C
1. Run
2. This Is Your House
3. At Home With The Animals
4. Earthquake
5. Hold Me Together
Side D
1. Losers
2. My Heaven
3. Theo Is Dreaming
4. They Will Know Our Love

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