Spare Snare

The Brutal

Image of Spare Snare - The BrutalImage of Spare Snare - The BrutalImage of Spare Snare - The Brutal
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What better way to celebrate Spare Snare's 30th birthday than reuniting with Steve Albini to record their 12th album, in Leith, assisted by Rod Jones of Idlewild. Featuring 10 brand-new songs written over the past year, the album shows off the Dundee band’s new six-piece line-up, along with two legendary guests. Gary Barnacle and Terry Edwards, who met for the first time on the session, duet on more than half the album, bringing a new texture and urgency to the Spare Snare sound.


1. Brutal
2. Hold Your Sex
3. Ring To Me
4. Bleached Out Rainbows
5. Wi-fi
6. I Have You
7. Have A Go
8. Hey Won't You
9. Where Does It All Go
10. That's About It 

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