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The Worst Edits Vol 5

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Fuck me! No sooner have I got myself recombobulated after Jamal's last clutch of head-splitting sherm edits, then the Chicago mystic is back with another set - only it's a double pack with eight of the little buggers for our PCP-fueled dancefloor enjoyment!

Newcomers - these are REAL DEAL old skool Chicago style edits a la Ron Hardy, Adonis etc. Only Hieroglyphic Being aka Jamal Moss aka The Sun God aka Members Only has taken the blueprint even further over the successive two decades to make this one of the most potent formulas of dancefloor edits you're ever gonna be subject to!

A seriously hot pack - there's Risque III in there, some brilliant euro-disco / Italo joint - THAT New Order track ("586", previously tweaked on Medusa 003) plus some other face melters I can't quite fathom right now. All given that mad tape manipulated Muzic Box vibe that few can replicate. Unfortunately our website only lets you pick four clips - I wanted you to hear them all! Unmissable!


Matt says: My favourite electronic shaman and probably my most treasured edits series in existence. The Members Only project has unequivocally remained in my record bag since it was started in 2005. You'd have thought I'd have gotten bored by now but each time he seems to excel himself and this latest clutch is no exception.


A1. Searching 4 This Feeling Baby
A2. The Question Is
B1. In The Struggle
B2. Put Make Up On Ur Mind
C1. Dis-information Super Highway
C2. The Spirit Calling Inside
D1. Beat Off 2 Me
D2. Don't Scream This Out In A Safe Space

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