Pigs Do Fly EP

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Super Rhythm Trax

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Warehouse music emporium Super Rhythm Trax welcomes back Glasgow’s Fear-E for his second full EP on the label. I couldn't think of a more fierce pairing of producer and label! - let's see what on offer...

"KRS" is a hard thumping cross between Scottish rave energy and Belgium techno aesthetics. Buzzing synths, sharp drums, cheeky vocal snatch and a kick drum that'll floor you.

"Not Getting In" utilizes a classic spoken word snip from yesteryear whilst deploying phazed pads and a thoroughly distorted bass & perx pattern. Grating and gnarly, it also veers into Belgium techno territory, hinting that Fear-E's been listening to those early Fuse mixtapes from the mid 90s...

"Colonet" has more Chicagoan engineering - laced with acid, utilizing a classic stuttered vox sample and playing around with vintage drum boxes. Think Trax, Posthuman and Lil Louis with a little bit of Paranoid London thrown in and you'll be right on track.

"Off The Bat" concludes and is a wonderfully syncopated box jam that stylishly skips between house and techno DJs record boxes. A grandiose structural arrangement that leaves you bewildered yet hooked; classic jacking floor toms and hats working up a frenzy whilst some wild sound design keep its holding court with upfront and confident dancefloors.

Exceptional stuff from this Glasgow wild card. Recommended. 


Matt says: Warehouse rattlers from Fear-E who has foundations shaking across four acidic, jacking and frankly, quite slamming trax. Another winner from Super Rhythm Trax.


A2. Not Getting In
B1. Colonel
B2. Off The Bat

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