Nil By Mouth IV & V

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Blanc Check Records

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The fourth and fifth instalments in Blancmange’s continuing exploration of ambient music, experimental soundscapes and imaginary film soundtracks. The latest albums contain some of Neil Arthur’s most evocative and dreamlike melodies yet, along with textures that reveal a flair for atmosphere and the absurd. There’s also the 40 minute minimalist piece Vostok, which gentles pulses with slow, subtle, exquisite life.


CD1: Nil By Mouth IV
1/ Living On
2/ Auto Incorrect
3/ General Concern
4/ Lull Before
5/ Design Fault
6/ Everything Must Go
7/ This Is The Moment I've Been Waiting For
8/ I Do Not Seem To Have A Mobile
9/ I Found Some Time
10/ Recycling
11/ Switching Off
CD2: Nil By Mouth V
1/ Artichoke On The Word Wheel
2/ Future Past
3/ Wake
4/ It Is Good To Talk
5/ The Results
6/ Idle
7/ Boy
8/ German
9/ Slow Flash Light
10/ Vostok

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