After Club

After Club

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9300 Records

About this item

Following the success of the Emotive Response trilogy, 9300 Records brings another Belgian retro trance infused 4-tracker by new signing After Club. Raw analog pounding tracks that bring back the melodies and sounds that defined a generation of party goers in Belgium's 90's club scene. Sizzling hot and ready for the toughest clubs around, this tackle isn't for the faint hearted! Go hard or go home.


Matt says: Revisit the wild styles and colourful sights of the 90s Belgium club scene with this authentic-as-you-like retrofitted rave record. Whistles, poppers and gas masks not included.


Affligem 1997
Hoovering In Space (live @ Carat)
Moments In Ecstacy
Mind Expansion Tool

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