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Keep On Swindling Pt. 3 - Inc. Nightmares On Wax / DJ Bones Remixes

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We’ve come to the third and final installment of Dam Swindle’s ‘Keep on Swindling’ series, finishing off their 10-year anniversary with a bang. This final EP holds 2 new originals, remixes by Nightmares on Wax and DJ Bone and the long-awaited re-release of their seminal track from 2013: ‘The Wrap Around’.

‘Keep on Swindling part 3’ kicks off with ‘You’; a fast-paced slice of electronic funk that sees the boys dive into heady club territory. With this track, they show a new direction in their sound that combines their vintage sampled-based soulfulness with modern percussive and melodic elements. Whether it’s the moody arpeggio, the techno-ish stabs or the bell-driven percussion in ‘You’; it’s all coming together in a way that is both heartwarming and rush-inducing.

The A side also holds ‘More Love’; a track that takes you back to what has been the center of the Dam Swindle sound in the past 10 years. Conga loops, vocal chops, synth stabs and a simple string to keep the tension; it’s all in there. Add to that a simple funk bass loop and you’ve got yourself a modern-day Swindle classic.

On the flip, you’ll find a special song from the Dam Swindle catalog: ‘The Wrap Around’. When released on Huxley’s now defunct Saints & Sonnets label back in 2013, the release made its way into many record bags and sold out quickly, never to be repressed again. Discogs prices went through the roof, while the title track became one of the biggest tracks for Dam Swindle in their early years. It's had a few touch-ups in arrangement and mixing for the 2022 mix, but the boys have worked hard to maintain the rough edges that made the original loved by so many fans.

The B2 is a collaboration with none other than Nightmares on Wax, who delivers a brilliantly creative version of ‘64 Way' feat. Mayer Hawthorne. N.O.W. completely flips the original, opting to use the spoken word intro in a mangled and chopped way on top of a nasty groove and soaring bassline. The main vocal comes in during the second part of the song and adds to the buildup with new Rhodes chords, cowbells, and electronic chops. It's a fitting remix from this legendary UK talent.

The EP closes off with another special track: DJ Bone’s Doc Ciroc remix of ‘The Wrap Around’. DJ Bone has been living in the Netherlands for a long time already and it was only a matter of time before the legendary Detroit producer and DJ would meet Dam Swindle. Bone goes for pacey percussion with a classic Detroit techno feel. His version is minimalistic and raw, chopping up the vocal and using the original Prophet pad as a base layer of warmth. The track gets even beefier when the bassline comes in: A dirty modded 101 lick with so much electronic funk that makes it impossible not to dance.

On ‘Keep on Swindling part 3’, Dam Swindle showcase a more electronic side of their sound and sees them connect with likeminded artists who have delivered amazing interpretations of some of the most loved DS tracks of the past years. With that, we’ve come to a banging conclusion to 10 years of Dam Swindle. Where will they go next?! 


Matt says: Third part of this crucial Dam Swindle retrospective which has boasted plenty of secret bonuses. Aside from three killer originals the DJ Bone and Nightmares On Wax remixes are worth the entrance fee alone. Dam Swindle are proper bastions of modern house music with a flair for dancefloor engineering; demonstrated wonderfully across the EP. TIP!


A1. You
A2. More Love
B1. The Wrap Around (2022 Mix)
B2. 64 Ways Feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Nightmares On Wax Remix)
B3.The Wrap Around (DJ Bone’s Doc Ciroc Remix)

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