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The Sloggers Bar EP

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Red Laser

About this item

SUPER limited edition, clear vinyl dubplate of the new DJ Absolutely Shit EP - "Sloggers Bar". Featuring exclusive track, "Drop The Face" - only available on this 12"!!

DJ Absolutely Shit has fast injected new life into the old tropes of hardcore breakbeat and vintage rave music - updating the blueprint with fresh, soundsystem tickling techniques and modern sounds for the discerning 2023 dancefloors! Effortlessly becoming cult cultural leaders of the emerging new hardcore movement and easily one of the most collectable artists to grace our dance section for many moons!

"Sloggers Bar" contains the EPIC, "Close Your Eyes" - with that discombobulated vox that's haunted The White Hotel and anywhere else the Red Laser crew has DJed of late. "Breaktalo Dark" is equally anthemic; it's sub-reinforced rave stabs ricocheting through even the quaintest of rave dungeons whilst a whole manner of pill-poppin' yoof erupt into reckless abandon.

"My Desire" is perhaps the most retrotastic track of this new set - utilizing classic hip-house / electro vocals, a tidy old breakbeat and with superbly timed drops, this one of those precision arrangements tha’llt cause alchemical bonds to form between dancers and DJs under the heat of a Big Night Out. Imperative!

Finally, the dubplate only track, "Drop The Face" concludes. This WILL NOT be available anywhere other than on this 12" pop pickers, ensuring the enduring collectability of this wild record! It's another essential from the Ab Shit studio - a foot stomping mid-sessioner with both proto-house and proggy influences; perfect for simmering up a heady broth of tension as the floor fills up and the sweat levels start to rise.

Limited to 50 copies for the entire world - do not fuck about with this one folks! E-e-e-e-eeessential! 


Matt says: SERIOSULY exclusive, limited edition dubplate PRESHA! from the Red Laser / DJ Absolutely Shit axis. Only 50 copies for the entire world. Road tested to buggery and the crew's parties and set to become a cult collectors item.


1. Close Your Eyes 
2. Breaktalo Dark 
3. My Desire
4. Drop The Face (Dupplate Version)

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