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Midnight Proposals

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Fat Cat

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Berlin artist Jennifer Touch returns with her second album, ‘Midnight Proposals’, via FatCat Records.

Touch was reading ‘Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck when she started to work on ‘Midnight Proposals’. “The whole settlers movement touched me, and I really felt like a cowboy whilst writing and recording these songs,” she explains. It reminded her of her great-grandparents’ story, and the house they built in the 30s that was her sanctuary as a child. “As cosy as it was, I always yearned for somewhere else, to find myself and my own place to settle.”

Full of hope and mystery, ‘Midnight Proposals’ is a selection of songs that both celebrate and question the romance of this illusion, documenting a very human desire to search for our people and our safe place.

For a reinvigorated Touch, it marks the next stop of a journey both artistically and sonically. “These are my dark proposals to the world,” she proclaims. “So come and join me around the fire!”

Unlike biographical debut album ‘Behind the Wall’, which took years to pen, ‘Midnight Proposals’ was written in an explosion of energy and creativity and completed in just four months. Touch spent a few weeks prior sorting her set-up from her Berlin studio and gathering the tools she needed to complete the record. “I didn’t know what was going to happen, I just said to the universe: hey, I’m here and I’m your vessel. It was a like a trip or something and I really don’t remember the process, but I love every song on it.”


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