DJ Absolutely Shit

Chaos Is A Ladder

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Red Laser

About this item

Finally the full vinyl release of DJ Absolutely Shit's "Chaos Is A Ladder EP"...

A super limited dubplate with unique track list was issued a while back and going for big money on Discogs.

Now the full 4 track EP lands on 12" vinyl and full colour artwork. This release includes two heavyweight bangers not on the dubplate: The dark acid breakbeat and club destroying sub drops of "Total Carnage" and this year's summer piano anthem to finish them all "Hope This Makes 7th Sense".

These two tracks alongside the huge "Chaos Is A Ladder" and "I Really Know We Can Make It" make this a 'Break-glass-in-case-of-emergency' record.
Every track guaranteed to rock a dance. Don't sleep. Essential!


Matt says: It's been hammered to death by all the Red Laser crew throughout 2022 - already a certified White Hotel anthem. But we've waited over 8 months for a vinyl copy! FINALLY arriving in ultra neon, super wavy sleeve design, DJ Absolutely Shit's non-stop-poppin' EP will blow the roof off ANY warehouse.


A1. Hope This Makes 7th Sense
A2. I Really Know We Can Make It
B1. Total Carnage
B2. Chaos Is A Ladder

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