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"Dobaismo" is the debut release from Ema Dobao. The Argentinian producer harnesses frequencies from 80's synth wave to proto-house, along with a passion for Latin percussion that is truly felt throughout this album.

"Dobaismo" is thick and funky with a strong disco core that takes us through seven amazing cuts ready for the dancefloor or your living room.

All the music was written and recorded over 2020 from a studio called Nave in the Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

The album packs a punch across all the changing tempos that Dobao delivers with a suave and infectious style that we really love.


Matt says: SERIOUS! - if you've a penchant for anything Italo, proto-house, boogie or anything Italian in general (Nu Genea instantly spring to mind) ((the producer's Argentinian by the way)) - this LP is a MUST. No, they're not reinventing the wheel - but they execute the formula to PERFECTION. Slap this on yer deck in an 'all back to mine' scenario and you're nearly guaranteed some shenanigans.. sexual or otherwise...


1. Baila
2. Goce
3. Blont
4. Chocolate
5. Arriba
6. Mambo
7. Contigo

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