Ogassa Original (Vol. 1)

Image of Ogassa - Ogassa Original (Vol. 1)
Record Label
Acid Jazz

About this item

Over the past couple of years Acid Jazz have been re-issuing releases from the enigmatic ‘Albarika Store’ label, a goldmine in Afro cuts from Benin, West Africa. The latest instalment is the ultra-rare ‘Ogassa Original (Vol. 1), the first LP from obscure but ultimately brilliant Porto Novo group, Ogassa from 1978.

Like many Albarika releases, it was recorded at EMI Lagos, giving a depth and fidelity that stands out in the realm of Afro rarities. Reissued in full with the original artwork for the very first time, a must have for Afro collectors and completists alike.


1. Avale
2. Ogassa Story
3. Production Vido Tche
4. Gbe We Gnin Wa Bio

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