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One Swallow Doesn’t Make A Summer Part 5

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Running Back

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Part 5 of this tasty little series continues with 5 more producers offering up a modern interpretation of dancefloor euphoria. Moritz kicks us off with "Flying Saucer", the kind of end-of-night epic you can imagine hugging thousands of people under star-lit skies to. Drizzled in the wettest 303 lines, with a chord sequence Todd Terje would be envious of, it's scientifically proven that 99.9% percent of dancers will go right off on a love buzz when this fires outta the stacks.

Amount's "In Den Tropen" is up next. A slow trance dazzler that reminiscent of jet-skiing through crystalline waters whilst multicoloured beach balls line the shore; it has the energy of holiday house music that take you miles away from the grey clouds of Manchester this winter.

Storken & JStaaf fire up the low end arpeggios and the twinkling leads for a rugged n wiggling electronic workout. "Tunghugg" the kind of intricate, techy roller that blasts apart the more forward gazing dancefloors leaving ravers scratching their heads with bemusement.

Archie Ward gets late night and strobe-lit on "Pizza Girl"; as it skirts casually into mainroom techno through that deep reverbed kick and staggered staccato leads - mega!

Finally, almost as if the EP knew we'd be out of breath by now, Jonus Eric calms us into serenity via "Fairlight" - a blissed out, post xtc ambient soundbath that'll get those serotonin receptors healed in no time.

Like one massive night out spread across a whole EP! 


Matt says: No one quite captures the feeling of paradise musica like Running Back. Delivering a brilliant selection of holiday house heat, part 5 abducts us away from the January blues of a rainy Manchester.


A1. Moritz - Flying Saucer
A2. Amount - In Den Tropen
B1. Storken & JStaaf - Tunghugg
B2. Archie Ward - Pizza Girl
B3. Jonus Eric - Farlight

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