Axis Mundis EP

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MM Discos

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Burgeoning Berliners Longhair, previously guesting on labels like Bordello a Parigi, Permanent Vacation and Love On The Rocks, drop an absolute belter of an EP for MM Discos.

A mixed tempo EP with a sound palette that's so scrumptious you'll want to eat the wax. The sonics lie somewhere between proto-house, proggy trance and late 80s jack beat; blended with a milky way finish and charged with cosmic energy. It's a real delight for the dancefloor few won't find irresistible. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: Imagine if Andras Fox, Begin and Mr. Fingers all collaborated on a record whilst on holiday on the French Rivera using only vintage acid tools - the result would sound a bit like this I reckon. Yet somehow Longhair avoids any revivalist pitfalls and instead delivers us something urgent and delicious. My favourite record this week!


A1 Sistema Solar
A2 Night Rider
B1 One More Flight
B2 A Moment Of Peace

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