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Planeten Sit-in - 2023 Reissue

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The compilations “Planeten Sit-In” and “Sci Fi Party”, both originally released in 1974, are a contemporary document of the legendary jam sessions of the Cosmic Jokers.

Under a conceptual mantle, the recordings were brought to a young audience.

Among the musicians the elite of the Krautrockers of that time, like Manuel Göttsching, Klaus Schulze, Jürgen Dollase and Harald Grosskopf.

Plus Dieter Dierks, who was responsible for the recordings, arrangement and mixing, but also participated as a musician.

Newly transferred from the original analog tapes and carefully remastered for the first time.


01. Raumschiff Galaxy Startet
02. The Planet Of Communication
03. Elektronenzirkus
04. Der Narr Im All
05. Raumschiff Galaxy Fliegt In Die Sonne
06. Intergalactic Nightclub
07. Loving Frequencies
08. Electronic News
09. Intergalactic Radio Guri Broadcasting
10. Raumschiff Galaxy Gleitet Im Sonnenwind
11. Interstellar Rock: Kosmische Musik
12. Raumschiff Galaxy Saust In Die Lichtbahnen
13. Der Planet Des Sternenmädchens

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