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Do It All Night - The Sound Of Tardam Records

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Acid Jazz

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Acid Jazz collaborates with Dutch-Italian vinyl specialist Tardam Records for this collection of raw R&B and Soul hard-hitters Featuring the likes of The Mighty Typhoons, Spinshots and Voodoo Working Club, it’s a modern exploration of a classic soul-night ready sound Presented in impeccable style with a specially commissioned sleeve illustration by Emanuel Wiemans of a midcentury pool party to really set the tone.


1. I’m Com’un Home In The Morn’un – The Mighty Typhoons Ft. Beaulah Enser
2. Seven Bullets, One Gun – The Spinshots
3. Scorched – Rosie Stevens & The Dry Riverbed Trio
4. Do It All Night – Working Voodoo Club
5. Open Your Heart – The Uppertones
6. Gigglewater – 44 Shakedown
7. Waddasei – The Mighty Typhoons Ft. Viky De Sentis
8. One More Chance – The Might Typhoons Ft. Beaulah Enser
9. Sweet Baby Of Mine – Rose Stevens & The Dry Riverbed Trio
10. The Snake – The Mighty Typhoons
11. For A Minute – Voodoo Working Club
12. Sometimes I Feel – The Uppertones
13. Ramrod – 44 Shakedown
14. Diabolik - Skepticals

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