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A new one on the ever-reliable, constantly tripped-out Sued label. PST is joined by a bunch of merry pranksters who exhibit a sophisticated yet playful blend of cosmic, house, downbeat and lysergia; packaged together in a tidy 12" that'll set your mind spiraling into the stratosphere. Fully of wobbly analogue fx, phazed atmospheres, warm basslines and toybox percussion, it possesses all those Sued characteristics we've come to love from this honest and sincere label over the course of it's tenure. Recommended!


Matt says: My favourite label to take mushrooms to! Summat so natural and organic about the stuff on Sued - even though it's made with machines! "Tryptmix" sees PST & friends openly dialogue around magical 5-HT2A receptor.


A1. PST, Coral D, SVN - Tryptmix
A2. PST - The Memories
B1. PST - Frisbee Man
B2. PST & SVN - Version Two

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