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Levitation Sessions

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Tijuana trio Mint Field bring their ethereal soundscapes to the Centro Cultural Otomí, a monumental cultural complex in Temoaya, Mexico, and a fitting location to host their supernatural dream-pop and shoegaze tunes. Sprawling, cosmic rock with shimmering guitar and the heavenly vocals of Estrella Sánchez in an epic location - this is the most beautiful Levitation Sessions yet. "We wanted to record this session to capture the momentum of the band. We barely had a chance to play Sentimiento Mundial due to the pandemic, so we wanted to channel all of our desires to play live in a memorable session. Playing live at Centro Ceremonial Otomí was unforgettable for all of us, the place has such unique energy. It has been the most beautiful and magical place we've ever played at." - MINT FIELD Recorded Live at Centro Ceremonial Otomí in Temoaya, MX


Barry says: Mint Field mix the ethereal vocals of Cocteau Twins or Chatal Acda with a sprawling, psychedelic instrumentental direction, both reminiscent of post-rock and 60's experimental psychedelia, while keeping well within the realms of popular music arrangements. It's beautifully done, and is both immersive and sprawling. Another fine entry to the brilliant Levitation Sessions.


1. No Te Caigas
2. Jardín De La Paz
3. Sentimiento Mundial
4. Ojos En El Carro
5. Delicadeza
6. Aterrizar
7. Quiero Otoño De Nuevo
8. Contingencia
9. Presente
10. Natural

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