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Tascam Space Season

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Originally only available as a digital release on Nightwind Records, L.I.E.S. Records now provides the vinyl edition of what is sure to be a cult classic in the vast Legowelt catalog. Last December Danny Wolfers met up with Japanese digital dub legend Taka Noda aka Mystica Tribe to produce this Far East styled, weighty digi-dub album. Custom made, lo-fi oozing echo effects transform synthesizers and drum machines into a comforting mist of arcane sludge, laced with Taka Noda's enchanting melodica playing.

Produced by Taka Noda & Danny Wolfers, Recorded in Tokyo Japan and The Hague Holland December 2021. Limited copies - highly recommended.


Matt says: Rawkus and wild digi-dub flavours here from Legowelt and Mystica Tribe who fry circuits and bass bins with their idiosyncratic take on the mythical sub-genre.


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